Foods to Eat After Getting Braces Tightened

Foods to Eat After Getting Braces TightenedThose who have braces are aware of the importance of getting them tightened. It keeps teeth moving in the right direction towards a straight smile. However, most know if you are getting your braces tightened, it is likely that you will face discomfort in the next few days. You may also face difficulty in chewing foods. There are different procedures that Dr. L’Tanya Joy Bailey, DDS may recommend you to reduce the discomfort. Some of them include using painkillers or oral anesthetics.

The discomfort caused by braces tightening can last up to eight weeks. There are certain food that you can use can eat to reduce the discomfort.

Food Products To Eat After Getting Braces Tightened

It is strongly recommended for people who have gotten their braces tightened, even if they are not facing any discomfort, to opt for soft food products for a certain period of time. These products are easy to chew, swallow, and digest. Therefore, no more discomfort will be caused.

These food products include:

  • soups
  • eggs
  • yogurt
  • oatmeal
  • smoothies
  • mashed potatoes
  • noodles
  • rice
  • tortillas
  • bananas

Food Products to Avoid After Getting Braces Tightened

After you have got your braces tightened, there are certain food products that you need to stay away from. These are generally hard to chew items that can further increase the discomfort caused by the tightened braces.

These food products include:

  • nuts
  • chewy candies
  • hard vegetables and fruits (apples, carrots, etc.)
  • beef jerky
  • nuts
  • granola
  • chips
  • tough meats

Consequences of Not Eating the Right Food Products

Consequences of not eating the right food products after getting your braces tightened can prove to be painful for you. The result can be a toothache or even gum diseases. For example, if you eating hard or chewy gums, it may result in sugar settling in those areas of our teeth that are difficult to reach for cleaning purposes. Thus, there are chances of tooth decay.

In addition to that, some hard food products may end up damaging your braces as well. Due to this reason, you may have to pay another visit to your orthodontist and get new ones.

A Final Word

For a better oral health, following the above-explained guide of food products to eat and avoid after getting braces tightened is important. It will not only help you to avoid discomfort but painful conditions as well. Therefore, make sure you are eating only soft products for a certain period of time after getting your braces tightened, it will help you to have an overall improved oral health.

If the discomfort doesn’t go after a specific period of time, it is advised to schedule an appointment with Dr. L’Tanya Joy Bailey, DDS and discuss in detail the issues you are facing. We are here to help!